Manufacturing Services

TMA Tool Services can also manufacture most any type of standard or custom round-shank tools for the metalworking industry. These tools include drills, step drills, endmills, reamers, step reamers, and many others in all types of configurations including thru-coolant, special features, coatings, etc.


About Manufacturing
  • Great care is taken throughout the manufacturing process to inspect and ensure the quality and accuracy of each tool and order
  • If required, tools are sent to Oerlikon Balzers for appropriate tool coating. All new manufactured tools are packaged in protective tubes
  • Tools are appropriately etched using our laser etching system on the shank of the tool per customer specifications
  • If appropriate/required, tools are labeled on the tube with the appropriate tool number for the customer


Manufacturing Process

  • Contact TMA to receive quote
    (contact venues include website, email, fax, or phone)
  • Determine exact needs for tool design, coating, and delivery based on discussion with customer
  • Process purchase order and order needed material
  • Tools manufactured, inspected thoroughly with a ZOLLER Genius Universal Measuring Machine, and packaged carefully to prevent damage while being shipped to customer